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Design Week, designweek.co.uk, A Few Of My Favourite Sneakers, by Tom Banks, London, UK, 2 May 2013 (English)
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Design Week, 2 May 2013

Tomi Vollauschek and Agathe Jacquillat of Stereohype and FL@33 know that trainers and graphics are old bed-fellows.
___ That’s why they’ve teamed up with long-time collaborator Nathan Gale of Intercity – who is also the man behind sneaker culture blog Art & Sole – to create a series of badges.
__ Gale has been busying himself with a print series called A Few Of My Favourite Sneakers, which saw him invite designers around the world to create sneaker artworks.
___ The AFOMFS project has now been moved on with 48 of these works, designed by 18 artists, selected for production and release by Stereohype as classic 25mm (1”) pin badges.
___ Artists include Andrew Joyce, Becca Thorne, David Sparshott and Emma Kelly.
___ A custom shoelace has been designed by FL@33 to hold the badges together and all orders come with one of these while stocks last.
___ This is the latest badge project by Stereohype, which has a collection of 800 badges to browse through and buy, including the AFOMFS set.

Design Week, 2 May 2013


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