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Design Week, Wide of the Bookmark, by Adrian Shaughnessy, FL@33 / flat33.com mention, London, UK, 10 February 2005 (English)

Design Week, 2005

With the exception of a few engaging examples, Adrian Shaughnessy finds little to break the monotony on a trawl through design consultancy websites.
___ Any survey of trends in designers' websites has to include the 'Shoreditch tendency'. You know the sort of thing: groovy sites oozing with Flash-animation and dysfunctional typography. Prime examples are the online homes of Hi-Res and FL@33. These are visually arresting sites, but I suspect they appeal as much to design students and design groupies as to potential clients. Why else would designers put so much effort into lovingly categorising their appearances in the design press or on the global lecture circuit? (...)



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